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B&W Machine Inc.



In 1966 B&W Machine Co. Inc. was established to provide quality service and products to our customers.  Today, B&W Machine Co. Inc. customers are still experiencing that same quality service and products. B&W Machine Co. Inc. always goes above and beyond our customers expectations with the end result being complete satisfaction. We have been keeping our customers up and running through countless breakdowns and emergency situations with complete customer satisfaction.

B&W Machine Co. is a full Illinois precision machine, welding and fabricating  job shop.  Not only do we Fabricate new parts and products using our machining, welding and fabricating abilities, but also can repair parts back to original specifications, dimensions, within tolerance and most importantly on time.  We have different Cnc machines, manual machines as well as a variety of welding machines to fulfill any job requirement. 


B&W Machine Co. can weld any type of material as big as you want to go.  We can weld aluminum, stainless steel, regular steel as well as a variety of specialty metals.  We have welding positioners to help in rotating round parts, tube turning centers to weld tubing to fixtures, as well as the experience to fabricate fixtures to weld oblong parts.  We can handle up to 4500 pounds in our welding positoners and tube turning centers.


B&W Machine Co. can handle Shaft and armature repairs as big as 18 inch in diameter and 12 foot long.  We can turn up to 42 inch in diameter 12 inches long.  We can mill a variety of shapes and designs using our cad/cam programs and our CNC milling machine or we can simply cut keyways into your shafts using our manual milling machines.  Or better yet, we can fabricate the shaft from a sample, a cad program file, or simply from a cocktail napkin.  Then, assemble the shaft into a housing, that we fabricated and welded for you, and give you a finished product.  We specialize in fabricating ones and two precision metal parts up to hundreds and even thousands.


As with most large size companies you simply can not get to the person in charge....That is not true with B&W Machine Co Inc. we are truly a Mom and Pop operation, when you call you can be connected directly to the person making the decisions on your quotes, parts, and or concerns.

Our Mission

Here at B&W Machine Co. Inc. our main goal is to help customers create useful products from their ideas quickly and efficiently.  B&W Machine Co. Inc. can do a variety of special machine operations as well as welding processes to help customers realize their goals.  Customers can then bring their ideas to the marketplace quickly, efficiently and below budget.


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